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Whether you need maintenance on a regular schedule, a fireman for troubleshooting and resolution, or an interm repair tech who will put everything ship-shape so it takes care of itself, we are flexible and available.
We specialize in providing website and Internet services to Small, Local, and Neighborhood Businesses.  Portfolio sites, online portals, or even email access to your staff, we have the right services for your needs.
Google Maps, Mobile Marketing, and Social Media, YouTube and Facebook in particular, have completely changed how people look for businesses, products, and service solutions.
Site Hosting
We believe that your website is yours -- that it should be 100% portable, that you have full control over it.  We can host it, or will happily help you get it setup with the hosting provider of your choice.
Local Search
In order for customers to find you, your business and website must be on Google, Bing, and Yahoo Maps.  We can help you do this right for best possible outcome -- more customers!.
System Support
Whether you need a Unix/Linux admin on a regular basis, a fireman for problem resolution, or an interim repair tech who will put everything ship-shape so it takes care of itself, We are flexible and available.
Social Media
Utilizing the Internet and Social Media to create an effective and targeted online strategy that will allow you to create your web presence, get new customers, grow your business, and prosper!


  • ... Eric is one of those blessed people who can take the impossibly complicated world of technology and use real English to explain it to those of us who are less blessed ...

  • ... I trust his advice and expertise and know that my websites are in good hands whenever Eric is working on them.

    Mary Kole

Our Clients