Computer Consulting and Technical Support

Computer Technical Support for Small and Medium sized Businesses

Your company may be small enough not to require a full-time technical support person on staff, but you probably have the same computer issues that larger companies in the Phoenix area have.  Are you putting up with crashing, conflicts, or stubborn printing?  Do coworkers spend hours on technical problems instead of doing what they were hired to do?  Has it been ages since you’ve updated your system software or run a disk check? Have you had a system-wide data backup recently?

There is a solution: on-call or part-time computer support.

My technical skills include a high-level mastery of Microsoft Windows including Windows 8, 7, 2000, XP, NT, Me, 98, and 95; UNIX and unix-like Operating Systems such as SunOS, Solaris, Linux, NetBSD and FreeBSD as well as knowledge of AIX and SCO Unixware.  I am competent at both using and supporting Microsoft Office suite, Lotus, and WordPerfect; a variety of web browsers, email programs, and other Internet software; file, database, and print servers, SMB and TCP/IP networking, firewalls, DNS and DHCP servers, switches, hubs, routers, Internet and broadband connections (including DSL, cable, & wireless modems), Internet sharing, remote access (including VPN, modem pools and other dial-ups), and web site construction (using WYSIWYG programs and hand-coding) and web server and email server installation and upkeep.  As for hardware, I understand and am used to dealing with SCSI, USB, Firewire and Ethernet connections, I know how to install and configure scanners, printers, CD-R drives and other peripherals.  I am experienced maintaining and supporting desktop PC’s and rack-mount servers as well as Sun Sparc, UltraSparc, and Enterprise systems and servers.

If needed, I can provide training, write how-tos, and have the patience to talk remote users through problems over the telephone.

Whether you need maintenance on a regular schedule, a fireman for troubleshooting and resolution, or an interim repair tech who will put everything ship-shape so it takes care of itself, I am flexible and available.

Make it work: Hardware, software, networks, servers, backups and peripherals.  Everything.

Email or call 623-252-9199 for more information.  I provide freelance computer consulting and technical support in the Phoenix Metropolitan area including Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe, and Mesa as well as Cave Creek, Carefree, Desert Hills, Anthem and New River, Arizona.

Make it work, call 623-252-9199 today!

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